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Is Anybody Alive Out There?

I’ve been missing for too long from this blogosphere. My mom had to undergo surgery. With every hour, minute, and second that passed,

Speak Up! Friday Quotes (20)

Skinny Hate “Yes, I am a skinny girl; no, that doesn’t mean I’m not a ‘real woman’” (anonymous). What are your thoughts about this? (This is also in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Revisited.”)

Speak Up! Friday Quotes (17)

What’s something . . .

Speak Up! Fridays Quotes (16)

The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Walk the Line.” “It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else” — Erma Bombeck

Explore God



This week’s feature is also a modified response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imitation/Flattery.” Write a post about anything you’d like — in the style of your favorite blogger. I have many favorites, but I wouldn’t imitate them. There are other ways to show my flattery: Familiarizing myself with their blogs and commenting on their posts. That […]

Speak Up! Friday Quotes (10)

“It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense” (Mark Twain)

The Truth Hurts – How do you value Trust?

If I Had a Dollar (Why I Am a Feminist)

If I Had a Dollar (Why I Am a Feminist)

Originally posted on girl in the hat:
image courtesy Devil Doll Because my mother was a painter and a beauty when artists had patrons and a woman like that needed a man to take care of her, so she married a money man. Because my mother’s mother was a beauty and her mother was, too,…

How Far Would You Go?

How Far Would You Go?

How far would you go to bring more authenticity to your characters and plot? Would you starve yourself? Overeat? Get a job that your character has (even if it’s scrubbing toilets)? Learn boxing or how to dance a specific style? Sit in a public area and commit voyeurism? Devour books? Steal identities? Clone people? Force […]