Speak Up! Friday Quotes (17)

What’s something . . .

  • . . . you’ve been judged for
  • . . . you’ve judged others for
  • . . . that gets judged in your culture / society
  • Feel free to answer any of these questions or bring up something else that’s been weighing on your mind this week. I’ll add mine below, too.

17 comments on “Speak Up! Friday Quotes (17)

  1. Though I agree to lift the fallen, it is time for the fallen to
    learn to stand up
    stop being taken advantage
    Stop taking advantage of others

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    • Yes! That’s also important. Do you have any examples?

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      • Yea. Those who beg on the streets need to stand up and willing to work rather than daily asking for money.

        Though I am not rich, I have my own pride. I want to earn money decently through my own hands. Though I am thankful for those who help me in terms of financial issue, it breaks my pride. The problem was I often being taken advantage. Not paid for my intern work after I do my best. Now, I do not want to be taken advantage. Thank God for now someone is patient with me as I attempt to learn.


      • I’m happy to read you have help and that you’re going after more independence. I won’t say this for all, but there are many people who are on the streets, asking for any amount of money just to get something to eat. They have no place of residence or anyone to speak up for them, so they can’t put anything down on job applications. They have no means of washing up or putting on clean clothes, so not many people (if at all) will allow them into their buildings to even ask for an application. They have no access to the internet. How can they stand up on their own? Not only do they have to put their pride aside every day, every hour, every minute, but there are people who walk by and won’t even acknowledge their presence / existence. That isn’t encouraging or motivating.

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      • How come there are no organization who give them job opportunity?

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      • There are a few out there, but more is needed. Do you know of any in your area?

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      • I need to brush up on the organizations in my own area and get back into volunteering. Thanks for bringing up such an important topic and expressing your valid perspective and questions with me. I appreciate that

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      • Welcome and I am glad to be appreciated.

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  2. I feel that everything in our society is put under scrutiny. Leave it to people and every single thing will be judged.

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  3. Judgement is my biggest pet peeve. I try very hard not to judge, but we are human. “Let he who is without fault cast the first stone!”

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  4. That’s a great quote.

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