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She pushes you back into the grainy brick wall. That’s when you see the gun.

Your mouth dries. Air traps in your throat.

The gun mutes the world, then magnifies it. Water drips, drips, drips so loud from the gutter running down the corner of the building. A fly buzzes past. Blood pounds in your ears.

You gasp. “Please, Izzy.”

It sounds pathetic.

She raises the gun at your face. “Don’t try to run.”

That’s fine. You don’t want to move at all.

She presses the cold muzzle to your right ear. “You think this is a game? Why did you come back?”

Her real name’s Isabelle. A green tea and KDrama addict who slaughters little darlings as she plunges deeper into psychology and fiction. She’d admitted that. But you want to know every gruesome detail and how she gets away with such crime.

Izzy shoves the gun harder against your hot ear. “I asked you a question.”

She pulls the trigger.

You can’t scream.

Something smacks against the side of your head. A loud click fills your ear.

Your chest caves. You choke back a sob.

She cocks the gun and touches the cold steel to your right eye. “I even told you my favorite color.”

She pulls the trigger.

Another loud click.

You scream through gritted teeth.

“This is strike two.” She lowers the gun, cracks it open, and dumps out a bullet into her other palm. “I have a good thing going for me in this area, so let’s try to be cordial with each other from now on. Okay?”

You nod stiffly.

She pats your cheek, tucks the gun in the back of her jeans, and walks away. Just like that.

The world blurs before you in greens, blues, and reds. You take a few steps, but your knees buckle. Slamming your palm against the brick wall, you right yourself and breathe heavily.

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100 comments on “About Me

  1. What a unique About page, Izzy! I love it! I nominated you for the Infiniti Dreams Award!


    Feel free not to do it if you don’t want to!

    Love and books,

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  2. Hi Izzy, got a Challenge for you: pick a cliche and write any length story using it as a prompt! I have a list on my post (https://ficwriterwithablog.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/cliche-sunday-16/) or you can use your favorite over-used phrase. Let me know if you wanna go for it.

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  3. […] to the nomination for this award earlier. It was September 8th that the wonderful Izzy, at Izzy-grabs-life notified me, and  I replied that I’d get to it once I got back from Malta on September 19th. […]

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  4. Thank you for your follow! Lots of killing suspense here. I’ll be back for more, unless the suspense kills me first😉

    Liked by 1 person

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