Ghastly Migraines (Flash Fiction)

Thank you, Priceless Joy, for hosting Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, and thank you, Louise (with The Storyteller’s Abode), for providing the inspiring photo prompt this week. If you haven’t heard of or joined this challenge, please check out the link and PJ’s blog for more details and entertaining entries. You won’t regret it.


Now, to the story:



Elizabeth staggered into the mahogany armchair, trying to imagine herself separate from the throbbing pain cracking open her skull.

The clumsily endearing fingers on the piano stopped, filling the parlor with static silence instead. “Another migraine, Nana?” came the small voice of her chin-ducking granddaughter Beth.

Elizabeth winced. Days earlier, behind partially closed doors, Beth had confessed to one of her friends how she believed Elizabeth to be a liar—using migraines as an excuse to avoid these dreadful piano lessons. Truth be told, they were dreadful, like with any beginner, but Elizabeth would never have done such a thing. Hence her presence here, surrounded by head-splitting sounds and insolent sunlight. And what a bittersweet way to suffer. All worth it.

She rose from the chair, nausea rippling through her stomach, and stepped closer to the piano. “No need to worry. Go on, play another song for Nana.”

Beth’s eyes widened as her wilted face reblossoms. Her fingers flew across the keys, and she blushed, sticking her tongue between her teeth, concentrating hard for her nana.


177 words


NOTE: If you suffer from—or have ever suffered—migraines, I’m so sorry.

Related image

You have to experience it to understand I actually did a good bit today = total exhaustion :

7 comments on “Ghastly Migraines (Flash Fiction)

  1. Ouch, I know how that feels. Great take on the prompt!


  2. What a cute story! I loved it! So well written! Beth was really concentrating at the end in order to play well for her nana! LOL!


  3. i liked your descriptions- so lovingly recreated from a past memory of sorts.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great story. Sometimes we work hard doing something not realizing how it is really affecting someone else.


  5. Hats off to Granny to willingly listen to ‘music’ during a migraine.


  6. I like where you took me in this tale Izzy, well done…and I relate to the bottom image…lol


  7. A grandmother’s love for their grandchildren knows no bounds! And kudos to the little girl for trying so hard too. Heart-warming story.


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