Already Gone — Fiction

Combination of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge (Cold) and Curtis Bausse’s Pic ‘n’ Post challenge. Click on the links to get more information and stay involved in this side of the blogosphere! (Btw, sorry for the blurry image).

Cold 2I took this picture, but the story below is pure fiction.


Matt’s pulse quickens as Lucilia zips up the red suitcase lying on the bed. Their black sheets are still crumpled. Her smell still lingers all over him, but now she’s…

Lucilia purses her lips. “I’ll send money every month.”

“You can’t leave,” he says through clenched teeth.

She buttons up her white winter coat and grips the handle of the suitcase. “Give Sam a kiss for me.”

Every muscle in Matt’s body seizes up, but he sprints in front of her before she can leave the room. “Stay.” He holds her gaze and shivers despite the warmth from the carpet. He kisses her cheek. “Please. We need you.” He trails his lips down her neck to her collar bone.

Lucilia leans into him. Yet the weight of guilt and contempt steels her. She shoves him away.


“No!” She sidesteps him. “I never wanted kids. You did. And now . . . now Taco Tuesdays? Did you really think I’d keep living like this?”

“It’s snowing hard outside. Just wait until tomorrow.” He reaches for her, hoping he’ll have more time to change her mind.

She yanks her arm away.

Anger swells inside him. “What am I supposed to tell Sam?”

She swipes at a stray tear that’s rolling down her face. “Goodbye, Matt.” She staggers out of the room and their lives.

His chest heaves. His body shakes.


His heart jumps in his throat as the pitter-patter of tiny feet stops behind him.

“Is Mommy going to the store?”

Cold 1

18 comments on “Already Gone — Fiction

  1. Heartbreaking – but very well written.

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  2. So sad, but well told. Van

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  3. Very heartbreaking! It’s good that the child could not hear or understand what she meant by not wanting children . They are very fragile and such statements can last a lifetime. Nicely written.

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    • Yes! That would be traumatic. Matt doesn’t know what he’s going to tell Sam, but he’s considering blaming everything on himself. Along the lines of “Mom loved you. She wanted to take you with her, but I wouldn’t let her.” 😦 So that Sam doesn’t feel like he wasn’t loved or good enough for whatever.


  4. Thanks, Izzy! I love that Taco Tuesday detail – I don’t know what they are, but I can guess!

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  5. lovely picture and words. you kept me reading.

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  6. That was so sad Izzy. Brilliant writing.

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  7. […] kept alive the original Pic’n’Post format with a heartrending story about separation, with a final picture of footprints in the snow that captures the mood […]

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