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Izzy May I: The Write Element

Also in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the Blank.” Three people walk into a bar . . . and have a deep conversation with yours truly.

We’ve talked about what makes an effective book cover, to us, in this post. But the conversation didn’t tip all the way over to what we’d like for our own book covers.

Now that I’ve written a query and synopsis, which my beta readers will tear apart this week, I realized I still don’t have a strong mental image of my cover. There are artists who figure this sort of thing out, but I want to be a part of that process as much as possible.

So I leaned back, propped up my feet, and considered the crucial elements that would express my story and intrigue potential readers. I also went in search of what’s already been done to inspire more ideas. While I haven’t found covers with tire tracks, barred windows, or webs of lies that I can share with you — I have found the following:


Losing/Finding Yourself


Picture Frames

Moths / Butterflies (A metaphor)

Red coats


black bar 3


Click on the pic

What element(s) would be on your book cover? Also, have you ever strolled/scrolled through a book store, library, or website and noticed book covers with similar elements? Share your thoughts below or in a post linked back to mine.

black bar 3

black bar 3



Curtis Bausse @ Journey of a Blogvelist

Jamie @ hirundine608

Thefabletters b/w two young women figuring it out

Ella @ Jumbleskine




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