Signal for a New Event: Izzy May I


As writers, we may work alone, but we’re never alone. We share certain occurrences and quirks that may surprise you. Here’s a space to connect through those oddities.

Every Monday, I’ll present a writing-related topic to which you’ll respond with photos, descriptions, and music (if need be). Ex: The first topic focuses on comfort snacks for the struggle. 😉 You know you have them.


Banner drinks


I will:

1. Present a different topic and my thoughts/experiences EVERY MONDAY (highlighted by visual and/or musical accompaniments)

2. Publish a follow-up post with links to your contributions

3. Be open to suggestions and requests


You can participate by:

1. Sharing your photos, descriptions, and musical delights

2. Including “The Write (current topic)in the title of your new post

3. Linking your post to mine and using the tags “izzymayichallenge” and “izzygrabslife” (that way, we can all connect)

4. Checking out your fellow bloggers’ entries


Deadline: The following Sunday, 11 pm GMT / 6 pm EST

5 comments on “Signal for a New Event: Izzy May I

  1. I look forward to it

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  3. […] Izzy May I, on Izzy-grabs-life (photos/words/music theme) […]


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