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WHAT IS LOVE? BABY DON’T HURT ME (One Word Photo Challenge)



That moment when you need and want to write, but you have other work to do. That moment when someone asks what your book’s about.

How Harper Lee Saved Me

Originally posted on Exile on Pain Street:
Several people have pinged me about the announcement of Harper Lee’s new novel. It’s based on a recently-discovered manuscript that she wrote in mid-50’s and takes place 20 years after To Kill A Mockingbird. I think just about everyone has already read and commented on this post but I thought…

Spiritual Shortsightedness

Originally posted on StopAndPrayTV:
Genesis 25:27-34 Do you ever feel as though you are missing out on God’s rich blessings? Certainly hardship is a part of life, and we can’t have everything we ask to receive. But if we act foolishly, we might also miss out on some of the good things the Lord has…