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Reblog: Dreams and Maybes’…

Randoms by a Random


You are the best thing that ‘s ever been mine

Maybe someday I’ll get to send this to someone and mean every word of it. Someone who’ll appreciate and reciprocate a similar feeling. But if it doesn’t happen, then that’s okay. Life wasn’t meant to be a fairy tale in the first place. We gain some, we lose some. Sometimes, dreams do become a reality, other times, they remain what they are- an illusion, fantasy.

Maybe someday, he’ll come, sweep me off my feet, maybe he won’t. Maybe he’ll be everything I have ever dreamt of, maybe he won’t be. And maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be a he. Maybe it’s just going to be me. Living and thriving on my own, dusting my cold cellars and being my Prince Charming, at the same time, my Cinderella. And at the bottom of it, maybe there won’t even be a me…

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