Pic ‘n’ Post: Roller Coaster

This is in response to Curtis Bausse’s Pic ‘n’ Post Challenge. I tend to laugh and leave my eyes open during roller coasters (it’s one of the best feelings and sights), but there was a time when I heard myself scream in a way that I’d never screamed before, with unadulterated fear. Lol. It was scary — but I ended up riding that roller coaster five more times. 😛

Featured image

Picture-taker’s story

Throw your hands up

Or close your eyes

Either way,

You still got on the ride


Story-teller’s picture

I wasn’t cut out for this

But I still had to try

So much for my dreams

I’m one with the night sky

2 comments on “Pic ‘n’ Post: Roller Coaster

  1. Thanks, Izzy – takes me back to my roller coaster days when the children gave me a great excuse to ride ever more fearsome beasts. Now they’re grown up I’ve stopped – would love to see if I can still handle it!

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  2. […] to Izzy for her contribution for the Pic’n’Post picture and text combination, with a nice picture and a couple of poetic texts about riding a roller coaster. I love this account of fear overcome – the key, I guess, is […]

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