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A Hearty Haiku

I’m combining Jennifer Nichole Well’s One Word Photo Challenge (Copper) with Curtis Bausse’s Pic ‘n’ Post Challenge and the Daily Prompt (“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”). Check out their amazing posts for more details!

Day 3: Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge

The skinny, long-nosed nurse smiled and handed Evvi a copy of her release forms. As she padded across the floor in those blue slippers, Evvi set the papers down, jumped up behind her, and locked her in a chokehold. The nurse swatted and clawed at Evvi’s arms, leaving long angry scratches. “Shh, shh. There, there.” […]


I’m merging this lovely feature of mine with the Daily Prompt Alternative Prompt #3 ~*~ That moment when you wish you were the only option for once.

Redefining Your Motives

When and why did you start taking writing seriously? For me, it was when I lost my house to a pissed off hurricane (I was in middle school). Nearly lost my mom, too. As the raw, wet winds whipped every inch of me, I looked at my family and neighbors. Really looked at them and […]