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Flash Fiction Challenge: Serving “Justice”

In response to PJ’s photo prompted Flash Fiction challenge (75 – 175 words). Special thanks to Dawn M. Miller for the photo.

Have No Mercy, Steal Their Hearts

Have No Mercy, Steal Their Hearts

How do you urge readers to flip to the next page? . . . Why, you make them care, of course. Yeah, I figured that much. But how do you make them care? . . . That’s easy. Engage their mind, heart, and curiosity as early in the story as possible. Right, but how? . . […]

Revealing Your Character’s Significant Traits

Like camels having long eyelashes to protect their eyes from the sand — it’s imperative that our characters have significant qualities. Show these qualities (or a form of them) right from the start. EXAMPLES (just going off the first chapter): 1. The Hunger Games Katniss: A daring survivor possessed with killer hunting skills and an attitude […]