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Why? (Flash Fiction)

High fives and hugs to PJ and pixabay.com for presenting us with this writing challenge and photo, respectively. If you don’t know, I usually scamper around the 75-175 word limit. Today is no different (lol). I hope you enjoy the story below. Click on the link to check out other entries and more details about this challenge. This is […]

The Truth Hurts – How do you value Trust?

What is Justice and how is it really “served”?

Originally posted on beautifulmess916:
I have been pretty silent on my blog the last couple months. A lot has been going on but putting it in to words has been beyond my ability. They say grief is a cycle and that you don’t just grieve one thing. Its called secondary grief. It’s grieving the loss…

To an Angel: Gone Too Soon

On pink sheets He laid her to rest She turned blue Before the medics Could assess She was gone