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Speak Up! Friday Quotes (23)

A wonderful, and I do mean wonderful, beta reader of mine found out my main character was black in the later half of my first chapter. When she did, she strongly suggested that I make my MC’s race clearer from the beginning (to “show her skin color” and “describe her neighborhood”)—because this beta had pictured someone who looked […]


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.” Tell us about times in which you linger ~*~ That moment when you bond over literary favorites from your tween years. Did you used to read R. L. Stine, too?? Here’s a reblog that brought back memories. Thank you so much, Traveling with T. You’re awesome!

The Can You Guess This Book Cover Game (Goodreads)

Hayley Igarashi, over at goodreads, compiled 15 close-up shots of certain book covers. Can you guess ’em all? I think so! Share your results and thoughts below, BUT no spoilers. That includes you, too, Johnny. Also, be aware that a good number of these covers are the US version, but don’t let that discourage you. […]

Izzy May I: The Write Female

What makes a strong female protagonist/antagonist?

Izzy May I: The Write Details

First impressions matter. They have a great impact in establishing or disguising a character’s true nature. But how much detail is enough to introduce a main character and still entice readers to flip to the next page?

Izzy May I: The Write Book Review

First off, I’m so sorry for my inconsistency lately. I want to say LIFE, MAN, LIFE — but no excuses. I’m going to catch up on every post, comment, response post, and award I’ve been honored to receive. Expect appreciation posts throughout the week; no, this isn’t the guilt talking. You deserve it. Second, here’s my […]

Izzy May I: The Write Word Count

Word Count: Some writers obsess over it, while others couldn’t care less. Either way, if you’re seeking publication, there will come a time when you’re asked for the estimated word count of your manuscript. Is 50,000 not enough? Is 115,000 tipping the scale? Most agents, editors, authors, and fellow bloggers agree that…