Hanging Over (Flash Fiction)

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting this writing challenge: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Another thank you to Yinglan, for providing the inspiring photo prompt this week. If you guys haven’t heard of or joined this challenge, please try it out. It’s a great way to connect with others and share stories. Check out PJ’s blog for more details and entertaining entries. You won’t regret it.


Now, to the story:


Sit up. Pat my hands down my body. The hell? Where are my pants? No shoes. Keys gone. Wallet . . . ha. Why did I even bother checking? Again.

Oh, there are my shoes. By the fence. But I could’ve sworn I wore the red ones last night. Or was that last week?

Smack my face. Get it together. Once, twice, five times. Nothing new. Nothing special. Just another morning — afternoon? — with my back to this tree. Why do I keep coming here? And why the hell are you looking at me? Well, fine, damn. I’ll stare at you, too. Don’t you dare leave. Not yet. I need a focal point anyway. Something more stable than this bark poking into my back. It hurts. And it’s cold. And I can’t hear you from here, but I know you’re talking about me with your friend.

Yeah, laugh it up while salt runs down my face.

Stop talking! No, no — I’m sorry I screamed. Don’t leave. Please. My stomach’s still roiling. My tongue’s still loose. I didn’t mean it.

But of course you don’t care. You’re gone.

186 words

12 comments on “Hanging Over (Flash Fiction)

  1. Poor guy! Sounds like he got left behind! Great story!


  2. It sounds like he/she has been in that situation many times and are using the dog’s as sounding board. I think help is needed here. Emotional story. Great job.

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  3. A very disturbed person, in a bad place both physically and emotionally.
    They sound like they are getting used to the situation.

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  4. Might not look pretty but God calls us to those that need us. Just my thoughts.

    blessings Izzy

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    • Thanks. Now if only that message could reach my character. The character seems to have blockage in their ear, and they’re settling. At least for now. They’ll sure have a great story to tell in the future.


  5. Rich with meaning, this one, has lots of depth. A great read.

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    • Thanks, Curtis! I know a recovering alcoholic. It was always hard to understand him. It still is. But I’m trying, not only his depth of pain and how he got to that point, but also to understand who he is right now and who he wants to be. But yes, thanks for reading a snippet of my character’s life. That character may be a guy or girl. It doesn’t matter.

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