One Sip Won’t Hurt (Flash Fiction)

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank Priceless Joy enough for hosting Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (75 – 175 words) and Etol Bagam for providing the inspiring photo prompt this week. If you haven’t heard of or joined this challenge, please do yourself a favor and check out PJ’s blog for more details and entertaining entries. You won’t regret it.


Now enjoy the story:


One sip won’t hurt.

Yeah, then why was my apartment filled with bodies? I told them to pace themselves.

Now it was just me picking up trash and her. Ex-girlfriend Penny. She was swaying to whatever song was still playing in her head before she stumbled and collapsed on my couch.

As our drunken friends created a chorus with their snores, she smiled up at me and patted the cushion beside her. I shook my head, trying not to stare at the skirt riding up her thigh.

“You’ve been avoiding me.” She got up and wavered.

I dropped the garbage bag and nudged her forehead to make her fall back down on the couch. Never expected her to pull me down with her and swallow my gasp.

Dragging fingertips, greedy nips. I shouldn’t.

Grabbing her thigh, moving her necklace aside with my tongue. More.

Come morning, I scrambled around, yanking on my clothes. I put her back in her clothes, too. I had to before everyone woke up from the dead and caught us.

God! What was I going to say to her?


(183 words)


(Btw, this was part 2 to a past entry: Penny Needed a Ride)


20 comments on “One Sip Won’t Hurt (Flash Fiction)

  1. Intriguing, like your protagonist, I want more!

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  2. Wow, great story Izzy! She seems to be the “saint” in the beginning and the “fallen” at the end. Excellent! (Thank you for your kind words). And, thank you, once again, for participating in FFfAW challenge!

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  3. Wow, this is so good! Your descriptions are vivid and sensual. I love how you build tension. I felt like I was there. Great job!

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  4. At first I thought they were drinking something drugged and then vampires. That was some pretty strong drink you were serving. Next time serve soft drinks? 😉

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    • LOL! Definitely! And wow, I never thought about it, but they could be interpreted as vampires who crashed after having too much “fun” and drinking way too much, leaving the MC and his ex to give in to temptation. And who knows what consequences lie ahead for all of them. Excellent idea!

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  5. You made me wonder why she’s ex-girlfriend Penny and why the narrator is so reluctant to give in. Love the vivid descriptions, I can see the carnage…

    Btw, I’m working on a reply to ch.1… Tomorrow, I hope.

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  6. This is excellent Izzy, you create great tension and intrigue, very engaging.

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  7. Excellent story! It made me want to go back and read part one as well.

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  8. A beautifully written piece, Izzy. 🙂 His reluctance and self-disgust comes across really clearly. I have to wonder as to the reasons why they broke up… There’s obviously a lot of history there that we don’t yet know about. Very nicely done.

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  9. In the end he’s worried what he’s going to say to her? Now that makes me wonder. Very intriguing story.

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  10. Maybe he won’t have to say anything to her. It sounds like she was out of it before, or the very least…willing and still out of it, if he had to put her clothes back on for her.


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