7x7x7x7 Writing Challenge

Monday is the new Sunday, guys! . . . Well, not really—I just missed this Sunday challenge on Twitter (@WritingIzzy). Even so, I’m accepting it. BIG thanks to my fellow writers and mentee hopefuls @Married2ARod and @alannalp.

7x7x7x7 Rules:

Step 1: Eat a cookie (if you don’t, the rest of the steps are ruined)

Step 2: Scroll to the 7th page of your work-in-progress (WIP) or the story you entered into the lovely PitchWars

Step 3: Go down to the 7th line

Step 4: Post the next 7 lines

Step 5: Tag 7 writer friends

I chose: My WIP

Genre: YA contemporary


“Oh hell. I forgot to check the doors.”

I cringed as Mum stormed back to the car. She checked the locks once, twice, then for the third time. Nodding, she walked a few steps away only to turn around and check the doors again. A few passersby lifted their brows and snickered. My cheeks warmed. I gave them a what-the-hell-are-you-looking-at look, and they turned away. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew Mum wasn’t doing this on purpose, but it was maddening.

I trudged around the green Punto, yanking handles as I passed. “I promise they’re all locked. Can we go inside now?”

Well, now I’m off to deal with the ups and downs of today.

Let’s all not forget to…

3 comments on “7x7x7x7 Writing Challenge

  1. Yikes … couldn’t make it past the cookie stage …!

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  2. […] of my new friends, Isabelle Felix tagged me and two other Pitch Wars mentee hopefuls including A.E. Hall in a fun challenge called […]

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