Izzy May I: The Write Catalyst

Hey hey, my loves. Welcome back to “Izzy May I.” To start us off again, here’s an excellent question someone asked me yesterday: What is the initial incident that springs your main character(s) towards your story’s main plot?


For me, it’s a literal slap of betrayal. I considered the horror from both perspectives (my MC’s and her dad’s) as I wrote this scene. I wanted to explore what it was like to physically hurt someone you cherish and want to keep away from harm, but now someone you need to protect from yourself.


Also, I wanted to explore what it was like to run away from your own parent, who’s succumbing to his demons—to see the immediate regret / shame on his face, but to still feel scared of him and disgusted with that fear.

So what about your MC or a current favorite MC (be it a flash fiction, short story, or novel)?

2 comments on “Izzy May I: The Write Catalyst

  1. Oh Izzy, currently I’m the main character. I don’t have a plan. I’m waking the tightrope and trying to stay on an even keel.

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