Ooh ooh — me! Pick me! (Flash Fiction + Speak Up!)

Yep, I’m jumping back into this challenge. Thank you, Priceless Joy, for hosting Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (75 – 175 words) and you, pixabay.com, for providing the inspiring photo prompt this week. If you haven’t heard of or joined this challenge, please take the time to check out PJ’s blog for more details and entertaining entries.


One by one, our maker gave us away to little humans with cotton candy grins. Mysteriously, the maker kept reaching past me. See you later, Hello Kitty. Bye, Olaf, Anna, Pooh, T-Rex, Pony, and Minions 1, 2, and 3. Wow . . . they really do look happy and beautiful floating beside their foster parents. A thrill of what’s to come for me rushes through my body.

Then it happens. There’s only me and the crippled Blue Moon. We’ve become fast friends, encouraging each other. I try not to, but I hope I’ll be picked before him.

A little girl plods over. “Ugh.”

“Sorry, honey bunny.” Her mom hands over the money. “I guess we’ll take the Butterfly.”

I’m floating beside my new little human. Her “Ugh” keeps knocking around my head. But this is fun, right? She chose me, right? She may not be the most enthused foster parent on Earth, but she’s holding tight onto me. Is that enough?

(158 words)

This story goes out to all those who have been picked last at some point in their lives. Feeling ashamed, humiliated, and inadequate is hard to overcome. But that moment does not define you. I hope you know that or come to know that some day.

31 comments on “Ooh ooh — me! Pick me! (Flash Fiction + Speak Up!)

  1. I love this and the great lesson behind it. They say- “save the best for the last” right?! 🙂

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  2. What a lovely story and with such an important “moral” to the story. I also loved your footnote about those who are chosen last. I’m glad you came back to FFfAW! Thank you for participating Izzy!

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  3. Awww, poor balloon! It’s sadness permeates the story. “I try not to, but I hope I’ll be picked before him.” – such a true line. Great return 🙂

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  4. In sports, always, but thankfully never aspired to be an athlete.

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  5. This is a wonderful story, Izzy! Being left until last, with all the accompanying emotions, is never a pleasant experience. You capture it really well. Hopefully the butterfly balloon’s new foster parent will come to appreciate it before to long… and not ‘accidently’ let it float away in order to get a different one from elsewhere!

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    • You read my mind! There was a moment when I considered finishing this piece with the little girl “accidentally” letting go of the butterfly balloon. I’m glad I decided against it, to leave a slight opening. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts ^_^

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  6. Welcome back Izzy. Loved the story.

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  7. I was last one when there were sports, well honestly I do suck so;) lol.. Very good story and touching

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  8. You make a really good point with your story, although I’m not sure the butterfly balloon got the best home. Great job!

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  9. Good one, Izzy! I am happy for the butterfly, but it is sad for the Blue Moon..however, there will always be a last and this time it was Blue Moon.

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  10. This is lovely Izzy, the message very poignant and important to us all.

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  11. I suppose someone always has to be last (and I agree with what you say about that status in your footnote). Now it’s the crippled blue moon I’m feeling sorry for. The little butterfly at least has a home, and by the way the little girl is holding tightly on to her, I think she’ll be a good foser parent and grow to love her little butterfly. A well expressed message in this story, Izzy.

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  12. Brings memories of my childhood and the game Red Rover.
    The new owner was clutching her new butterfly tightly…that’s meaningful to me.

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