Speak Up! Friday Quotes (21)

Shh, don’t tell Lillian she’s fat . . . right? Wrong.


“I am fat,” Lillian Bustle said on TED Talks. “I happen to use this word as a self-descriptor. And I don’t say it to put myself down. And I certainly don’t say it in hopes someone will say, “Oh no, you’re not fat.” No one says to a tall person, “You’re not tall.” Because tall is not a dirty word. We are programmed to tell each other we’re not fat because to many, fat is the worst thing you can be. I’m 5-ft-3 so I call myself short. I’m married so I call myself a wife. I weigh 240 pounds so I call myself fat. And I am beautiful so I call myself beautiful. And I’m all of those things at once.”


What do you think about this?


9 comments on “Speak Up! Friday Quotes (21)

  1. People come on different sizes. Ugly people are ugly if they’re 6 feet tall or three feet. Nature made us different for a reason. We don’t know why.


  2. This is wonderful. Self acceptance is good. What’s wrong with that. If u don’t love urself whats the point in expecting others to love u. Ur post is inspiring. Keep sharing

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  3. Beautiful. We are what/who we are, why not love ourselves for being ourselves?

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  4. Love her positivity ! A lesson for us all. ❤️

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  5. She is happy with who,she is and doesn’t let labels define her. Good for her.

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  6. I think she is an honest, loving and caring individual.

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  7. I think she’s reclaiming the word. And I think that’s awesome.

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