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<3 Mommy, Mom, Ma, Mama, Mam, Anne, Mami, Mor, Eje, Tina, Mader, Madre, Anya, Mam, Maire, Taica, Mutter, Maman, Moeder, Mati, Abatyse, Ahm, Emo, Induk, Ibu, Okaasan, Itaha, Daya, Uma, and more

To all the mothers who are there for their children emotionally, physically,

psychologically, and/or spiritually.

To all the aunts, grandmas, and godmothers who have taken on

multiple roles for their children.

Whether or not “we” first heard what your heart sounds like

from the inside or the outside,

your love has been so strong, ever-growing, everlasting that

we know how much we mean to you.

I hope you know how much you mean to us.

With love, respect, and awe,

thank you.

Sea-otter-mom-holding-baby-photo-or-image-D3B3089.jpg (600×398)#MothersDayNecklaceGiveaway #TurtleLoveCo

mom's love. #MothersDayNecklaceGiveaway #TurtleLoveCo

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