That moment when someone asks you to be a beta reader but you know they choke on any criticism.

That moment when the dialogue sounds fake.

That moment when great ideas attack you as you try to get some sleep.

That moment when you follow your character’s lead.

That moment when your story tricks readers into a false sense of security.

That moment when you merge two secondary characters into one rounded character.

That moment when you eavesdrop on conversations to bolster the arguments in your story.

That moment when the pen is mightier than the sword.

That moment when a reader doesn’t pay attention and then asks questions that have already been answered.

That moment when you have to add another chapter into what you’d thought was a completed manuscript.

That moment when you forgive yourself for not writing as much as you should have yesterday.


2 comments on “THAT MOMENT WHEN THURSDAYS (13)

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  2. Izzy, are you in the midst of final exams at university?

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