That moment when a image inspires you to write a haiku.

Feel free to add your own poem or thoughts below.



Audrey Hepburn or . . . ???



Tried to make me stay

Dared to keep me from my joy

But I know better


7 comments on “THAT MOMENT WHEN THURSDAYS (12)

  1. Lift me to the heights of joy
    Where happiness prevails
    And the dark dresses of death do not sting.

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  2. To the skies I float
    A wild carefree barnstormer
    My heart soars with birds.

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  3. Release me from your grasp
    Let me exlpore the sky
    Our world is full of surprises!

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  4. Fly myself up to the blues
    A shortlived happiness it might be
    A limited yet genuine one is all I need.

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  5. Love it! Keep writing! Cheers! ☺

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  6. Beautiful colours
    Bursting into the blue sky
    Drifting confetti

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