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At the Beginning | Memories Part I & II (Flash Fiction)

It’s my pleasure to thank Priceless Joy for this photo prompted Flash Fiction challenge (75 – 175 words). And a big thanks to Vanessa Rodriguez for the second photo. This is a continuation from last week’s prompt, but both pieces can be read as standalones. I Can Fix This . . . (Hansel’s POV) I’d truly believed […]

Pic ‘n’ Post: Where Do I Go From Here?

This was also my response to Curtis Bausse’s Pic’n’Post Challenge The story-teller’s picture: It’s always the same dream. He’s alone, walking down a long railroad. Blossoming, spaced out trees on the right, settled under a black sky streaked with lightning. A dark, dense forest on the left, settled under a clear, bright sky. The road would […]