Izzy May I: The Write “Would You Rather”



1. Would you rather know what’s coming or when it’s coming?

2. Would you rather know why it’s coming or (your choice from #1)?

3. Would you rather know where it’s coming from or (your choice from #2)?

4. Would you rather know how it’s coming or (your choice from #3)?

Are you content with your choice? I hope so. Keep it in mind as you check out Chucky’s revenge prank. Then after participate in this “Izzy May I” event by

  • Creating your own “Would You Rather” post

  • Including a link to this post

  • Including the tags “izzymayichallenge” and “izzygrabslife”

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black bar 3

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  • Stomperdad: Hauraches inspired by Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”
  • Kristina Prino: Eight literary hats you can totally crochet yourself


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2 comments on “Izzy May I: The Write “Would You Rather”

  1. ah, but don’t they come as a set?

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