Debate: Teal vs. Turquoise (One Word Photo Challenge)

In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge, I searched high and low for sharp, vibrant shots of the color TEAL. But after a while, I wasn’t sure if what I was looking at was teal, turquoise, or some form of aquamarine. Someone help me, please!

1. The shirt


2. The bag


3. The dress (light teal or turquoise)

4. The wallet (on the left) and wall decor (a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor)

wall decor

5. This skirt (light teal or turquoise)


6. The striped undershirt (the darker stripe)


7. These purses (a tame teal, a misty teal, or a tantalizing teal)


8. Classic literature (look at the third row)




15 comments on “Debate: Teal vs. Turquoise (One Word Photo Challenge)

  1. I think teal is a little darker than turquoise. I think after a while of looking at both, though, it would be difficult for me to tell one from the other.

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  2. ha, ha, my dilemma exactly!

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  3. haha I have no idea either. Based on the color swatches I’ve found for Turquoise, Aqua and Teal (the various installments of the OWPC) it seems that aqua is light and vibrant, teal is darker with a tad more green and turquoise is in between the 2. But in any case they’re all definitely in the same family. I pretty much use turquoise and teal interchangeably.

    In any case, nice pictures and thank you so much for sharing.

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