Pic ‘n’ Post: Forbidden Gnome Forest

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

tree gnomes creepy

The story-teller’s picture:

Max yanked me along the narrow, dirt path. Branches scratched my face and whipped my back. Max stopped, white ears erect.

Megan came beside us. “We’ve been — at this — long enough.”

I smiled tightly. Max growled at the swaying bushes.

Leaves and sticks flew at us. Max bolted.

“No!” I lost my grip on the leash.

Megan and I sprinted after him. Fear burned my skin. Air burst from my mouth. I couldn’t see Max anymore. But his barks ricocheted off the trees.

I blinked away tears and my rage against the dying of the light. Twigs snapped as we jogged and inched our way, hopefully, towards Max.

Another crack, another whisper of the wind seized my throat. “I-I don’t hear his barks any—”

Megan was gone.

I held my breath and scanned the thick darkness. The branches reached out for me.

A hard, wet, musty force knocked me to the ground. I screamed and pounded my fists. I couldn’t breathe!

“This is your fault,” a gritty voice said.

Snickers sounded all around. Little, glowing faces and pointy hats appeared.

“Train the next Max better.”

Blood dripped onto my tongue and ripped the scream from the throat.


tree gnomes

The picture-taker’s story:

Hope you “enjoyed” the tale above. (o_O)

As you may know, my family and I go hiking throughout the year.

I found this particular tree fascinating. The “knees” at the base of the cypress had me imagining tree gnomes hiding everything but their pointy hats under the water and waiting for us pesky humans to pass.


This was also my response to Curtis Bausse’s Pic’n’Post Challenge

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5 comments on “Pic ‘n’ Post: Forbidden Gnome Forest

  1. It was truly enjoyable. It is wonderful to have the kids tell stories of the wonders of the woods & the fairies. We have to include gnomes.

    Liked by 1 person

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