That moment when someone steals your work and gets credit for it.


That moment when you miss a deadline.

That moment when you submit your work early (for once in your life).

That moment when your silence speaks louder than any word ever spoken.

walking dea

That moment when you find someone who thinks like you.

That moment when you finally set your work aside.

That moment when you review the work you’d set aside weeks ago and wonder “Who the heck wrote this?!”

tumblr_inline_n6ujy3tndx1rcmutsThat moment when you have to cut down the word count of your manuscript.

That moment when you realize your word count isn’t high enough.

That moment when 7PM becomes 2AM in a blink of an eye.

That moment when you know — you just know — you’ll be an author one day. Keep striving, guys. ^_^

200 pound beauty



  1. Thanks for the encouragement!

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  2. This is exactly what I needed!^^ Thanks!

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  3. I really like the segment you’ve got going on here it definitely makes the reader want to come back and read another one. They’re funny but relatable and your theme is bright and light which gives a happy feel and makes me think and feel as though you are an upbeat happy person which is awesome. If you’re not haha that’s awesome to. Good luck on expanding your blog feel free to check out and leave feedback over on mine.
    : https://secretxparade.wordpress.com/
    Also you should do a review on the books you’ve read…I feel like you’d provide an interesting perspective.

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