That moment when your work gets deleted.


That moment when you think you’re done editing. (Ha! You poor thing, you.)

That moment when you read something so impactful, you forget where you are, who you’re with, everything.

That moment when someone asks how your writing is going and you lie.

Again, that moment when technology fails you.


That moment when you watch the film adaptation of your favorite book.

That moment when you can’t get into a story no matter how hard you try.

That moment when your OTP doesn’t work out. (one true pairing, the ultimate ship)

That moment when the author leaves the ending open.


That moment when you try again.

That moment when you’re 2.5 seconds away from doing this…



  1. And in this post, I was reminded of the string we had going last week (if I remember correctly) about a book I was beta reading and how much negative criticism I should give to the writer. I gave a watered down version of what I thought, and she took it well although I don’t think she took my criticisms seriously.

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  2. How about the moment when you delete what you are writing but meant to save. EEeekkkk … !!!
    These were a fun read and went so well with the photos. : )

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  3. Been there – done all these and more. It will get better is what I have to keep telling myself! ~Elle

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