To an Angel: Gone Too Soon


On pink sheets

He laid her to rest

She turned blue

Before the medics

Could assess

She was gone

On white sheets

They laid her to rest

Searching truth

But no bruises

To explain

She was gone

On yellow sheets

We laid her to rest

Dug so deep

Prayers said

The heavens welcomed

We beat our chest

She was gone

To those who are experiencing grief, my wounded heart goes out to you, too.

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8 comments on “To an Angel: Gone Too Soon

  1. So sad … and … so sorry for your loss. : (

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  2. A difficult poem to write – Thank you for sharing your courage.

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  3. I’ll give the family your condolences, too.


  4. So sorry. My deepest felt condolences on your family’s loss.

    Liked by 1 person

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