That moment when you need and want to write, but you have other work to do.


That moment when someone asks what your book’s about.

That moment when you send out your query letter.

That moment when you enter a bookstore or library.

bookstore excitement

That moment when you drive past a garage sale with books!

That overjoyed moment when you find a published book with a similar topic to yours.

That moment when someone tries to change too much of your work and honestly believes they’re “helping.”

slow sarcastic clap

That moment when you’re reminded of the reason you write.

That moment when a book opens the door to a new relationship (builds connections).

That moment when you find too many grammatical and spelling mistakes, but read the book anyway.

read it anyway



  1. Oh goodness, so relatable as I now have two works that I need to critique (one for a class, one for beta reading) and I have criticisms and don’t know whether I’d be helpful in giving them of whether I am better off shutting my mouth!!

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    • Yes! It’s so tricky. Are our suggestions/comments something we need to keep in mind for our own writing OR something to point out in another’s work? How much should we suggest? In the end, it’s all for the sake of betterment, but like you know, it’s tricky!


      • Well, we all need outside criticism. There is not question of that. I’m in a situation now where I can definitely point out small grammatical errors and misspellings, but there is one issue that might call for a major rewrite. It may help in the future to make this person a better writer though.

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      • I say go for it. From your previous comments, it seems you understand that there’s a way to word everything so you’re heard rather than dream-crushingly critical. Maybe they won’t incorporate the suggestion into that specific piece, but they can keep it in mind for the future.


      • Thanks Izzy! I will take your advice!!

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