14 Ways To Make Time For Reading

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Your Thing) for Dummies.”

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Reading stimulates creativity, growth, and relaxation. Busy-bodies and chilled-out folk alike find the time to experience reading, so why am I struggling to get through one book?

1. Am I reading to learn and be entertained, or to accomplish a set reading goal?

2. Am I reading what I like or something everyone else seems to enjoy? Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that THAT book made the bestseller list, but reading isn’t “one size fits all.” So while it is good to explore, expand, and avoid boxing myself up with one genre or author — reading (outside of work and school) shouldn’t be torturous. I find myself managing more time for books if I’m honesty interested in what they have to offer, whether it be the characters, plot, setting, topic, or writing style.

3. Do I know my schedule and routines? The more aware I am, the more I can fit realistic reading resolutions into my days, months, and years.

4. Am I an early riser, a night owl, or both? Can I wake up 30 minutes earlier or sleep 30 minutes later to read?

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5. Am I a procrastinator? Can I finish my work and give myself enough wiggle room to fit in some fun reading?

6. Can I read in multiple ways (paperbacks, hardcovers, audio book, online, kindle)? Are my books synced across my phone, Kindle, nook, iPod, and iPad? More access means more flexibility which means more reading.

7. Can I read or listen to books at work? On my way to work or school? While I exercise, cook, clean, shower, draw, drink my green tea, avoid TV commercials, wait in line, or wait even longer to pick someone up? (These questions can go with #3, too)

By the way, be careful of reading while commuting. Read more here: 10 Simple Steps to Maximize Your Productivity While Enjoying the Ride

8. Do I have multiple reads lined up? Or am I prone to snatching up a book, devouring it, and getting into a funk when it’s over? If I find myself doing the latter more often than not, I might consider pacing my reading. Prolong the gratification while being mindful of what comes next.

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9. Am I surrounded by books? Do I have a number of them available to read in succession or simultaneously?

10. Am I against being a quitter? This goes with #1 and #2 as I might start a book and feel compelled to finish it just because of that. Why am I putting myself through this when the book’s gnawing away at my soul (in a bad way)?

11. If I can’t help the need to finish that book, can I break up the reading instead of forcing myself to finish it in one sitting?

12. Can I challenge myself to fulfill mini goals, such as reading to the end of the chapter?

13. Can or may I practice reading faster?

14. Can I join a reading community (online or in-person)? Most likely, a friend or someone out there is reading the same book. It might help to get involved in the discussions, bounce around ideas, and feed my excitement of reading further.

7 comments on “14 Ways To Make Time For Reading

  1. I am struggling to manage my time to spend time with my child, work, meetings and even clear my emails. Hence, I hardly have lesser time to read when I want to read.

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    • Mmm. :S Time management (setting aside and actually enjoying that time) seems to be an art in itself, doesn’t it?

      But let’s keep striving. You’ll find a way soon. 🙂 In no way am I a time expert (seriously, I’m not being modest), but I do believe what we think affects what we feel and what we attract into our lives.

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  2. Really enjoying your posts, Izzy; the motion pictures above are super! Thanks for your Follow of wordverseuniverse 🙂

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  3. Never thought of all this . Makes so much sense thought. Great post , provides some clarity .

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  4. Evil here *smirk*
    You got #5 all wrong : it’s not “Am I a procrastinator? Can I finish my work and give myself enough wiggle room to fit in some fun reading?”, it’s “Am I a procrastinator? Can I finish my BOOK and give myself enough wiggle room to fit in some WORK?”

    That’s the way I set my priorities, anyway…. >.<
    I'm totally willing to be late for work if it allows me to finish a book….

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