Speak Up! Friday Quotes (1)

“Why did I throw out a negative comment? It added to the general loss of morale without making any useful point” (Gretchen Rubin, the Happiness Project).

I can relate. Can you? Share your experiences below if you feel comfortable enough.

Here’s mine. My sister messed up (on what, isn’t the issue). Instead of taking into consideration that she was already beating herself up over it, I snatched the metaphorical whip from her hand and “got some licks in.” WHY? Why did I hurt her more? I didn’t have to criticize her to make my point, so why did I allow myself to react like that? To express such negativity and hurt myself, too?

This isn’t the first time I’ve reacted like this or apologized. This sucky behavior needs to be dealt with. My apologies have to mean more. My word has to mean more. So here’s to taking action and growing.

4 comments on “Speak Up! Friday Quotes (1)

  1. No, quotes come to mind. I think everyone has dealt with negative comments but the trick is to be constructive rather than negative.


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