POLL: Typing vs. Handwriting (Which is mightier?)

Memory improvement. Better flow of creativity. Stronger resistance to distractions. Faster speeds. Less worry about spelling and grammar. No hand or wrist cramps. Supposedly, your weapon of choice can affect all of these events and more.

So which do you prefer to “write” or “express yourself” and why?


10 comments on “POLL: Typing vs. Handwriting (Which is mightier?)

  1. Pen to paper. No contest.
    I like the idea of switching from one work to another simply by changing the page. I also enjoy spreading the pages I have been working on across my desk, or the floor.

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  2. When your handwriting is as bad as mine, you have little choice!

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  3. Well just that I have such bad handwriting that after I write something it is pretty much illegible, even to me. That’s why I go for computer whenever possible.

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