Meaningful Little Acts

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In any relationship (real or not real), the small things can mean so much.

A handwritten note left in their purse, wallet, or book bag.

A prayer and active faith.

A smile.

A hug.

A look.

A good morning / night text.

A simple “hey” to show you’re thinking of them.

A listening ear, focused eyes, and mirroring body language (active listening, not “uh-huhs” “Mmm’s” or curt nods).

A “saw-this-and-thought-of-you” gift

A taking of their hand.

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A compliment.

A cuddle session.

An inside joke between you guys.

A helping hand and a mind that doesn’t keep score.

A choice to do an activity the other person likes.

A decision to put your phone down or turn the TV off to hang out with them in a refreshing way.

An encouragement of growth (which may mean putting your foot down and not letting certain things slide anymore)

This list only brushes the surface.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and experiences below. Also, what are other little things that strengthen or would strengthen your bond with your significant other? What are the little things that you love to read about in fictional and non-fictional couples?


3 comments on “Meaningful Little Acts

  1. This is an excellent list. It can help greatly indeed. Thank you a great lot.

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