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Get to the friggin’ point

One of the best pieces of advice someone can give you

Live to Write - Write to Live

Get to the point. How many times have I said this to my kids when I have been involved in agonizing conversations along the lines of: “and then, you know, he said, whatever, and I said yeah, I know, right?”

I’ve also said this about books. Especially when the author has spent too much time describing the setting – okay I get it, the action is taking place in a bucolic meadow, I get it, now can we please get to the action? Or when a conversation continues (and continues) without adding any information *specific* to the plot (much like my kids’ conversations do.)

Stop wasting my time. Stop wasting everyone’s time.

Get to the friggin’ point already.

There is a diet book series out there called Eat This, Not That. It is hugely popular because it cuts to the chase. The author provides a picture of what you should…

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